My favourite tigress — Maya

All the special words you can use can be applied to a Tiger, The king, The Queen, beautiful, powerful, magnificent, enchanting, graceful, majestic, bold, caring, emotional, affectionate, vulnerable. What better being could there be?

In your search I travel around the country, I went to the Himalayas, the western coast, the dense forests, the emptiness that is the Rann, the rain forests. I’ve strolled through the streets of various cities, still no sign. Wherever I go, I can sense your presence, but, I can…

Pangong Lake

If you have missed my blog about planning a trip to Ladakh and how to reach there, here are the links for that:

So what to do after you reach Leh? Your body has acclimatized to the altitude and you have the necessary permits required. There are many places you…

Mayank Dhanawade

Developer, travel blogger, wildlife and landscape photographer

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