Do you find yourself unable to give time for your personal learnings? And do you find yourself blaming this on lack of time available due to office and work commitments?

Don't worry, we can work on these issues by following a few simple hacks.

The problem, I feel, is we try to find a few hours in just one day of the week to focus on personal growth, and it becomes difficult to get that much time together to learn new things.

Why not create a habit instead? A habit of working on personal growth daily. What I do is…

What is the first thing you do when you get an error? Or when your app crashes? Do you freak out? Do you just randomly Google things to find an answer? Do you get a hold of someone who might know the solution?

Why not take this slow?

Let’s take small achievable steps so that it feels less scary and fun to resolve.

Whenever we get an error we should divide the solution-finding process into 4 steps.

  1. Read the error. Yeah, I know you’ll be like dude c’mon what is this stupid step! But believe me, many times people don’t…

Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do in life? well, this was one on my list, riding to Rann of Kutch. For over 3 years I have been planning to ride here but it kept on canceling, sometimes friends canceled, sometimes I got worried if I would be able to cover such distances.

I have realized many times that things in the bucket list happen when you don't plan for them, plenty of experience with that, a similar thing happened this time. On a Thursday I was talking to a dear friend of mine, she…

This was a continuation to my Spiti Trip If you have not checked it out yet then do read this blog. After spending over a week in Spiti we reached Manali, Whenever I visit Manali I prefer staying in Old Manali, It has a fun vibe to it, no traffic, it is quite peaceful. A visit to the lazy dog cafe is most recommended.

My favourite tigress — Maya

All the special words you can use can be applied to a Tiger, The king, The Queen, beautiful, powerful, magnificent, enchanting, graceful, majestic, bold, caring, emotional, affectionate, vulnerable. What better being could there be?

Julley!! Yes, that’s how you greet in Spiti. This trip was on a whim, a few friends hanging out, we talked about a long trip and decided we will do a 15 day trip to Himachal Pradesh. Well, you and I both know how such plans are, you never expect these plans to happen, to my surprise people were serious about it and they started to plan the very next day.

After having a rough plan ready, a ritual before every trip must be done, going to Decathlon, it has everything you need to travel. …

In your search I travel around the country, I went to the Himalayas, the western coast, the dense forests, the emptiness that is the Rann, the rain forests. I’ve strolled through the streets of various cities, still no sign. Wherever I go, I can sense your presence, but, I can never see you. Is this how life is meant to be? A never ending chase? Or are you just a figment of my imagination?

So here I am, in Hampi, in the land of ruins, to fulfill my quest.

I took a bus from Pune and traveled all night to…

Pangong Lake

If you have missed my blog about planning a trip to Ladakh and how to reach there, here are the links for that:

So what to do after you reach Leh? Your body has acclimatized to the altitude and you have the necessary permits required. There are many places you can visit: Nubra valley, Pangong Lake, Zanskar valley, Kargil, Drass, Khardung la pass, Hemis national park, Tso Moriri lake, Chadar trek, Sankar Gompa, Hanle.

In this blog I am going to cover a journey for the circuit Leh — Nubra Valley (via Khardung la pass) — Pangong Lake — Leh…

I hope you have read my previous blog on preparations for a ladakh trip, if not check it out here .

Now that we are done with the preparations let’s see how to manage things there. We took a flight to Delhi and went to Kashmere gate from there. All the buses that go north from Delhi leave from Kashmere gate, a lot of buses are available there in the evening as it an overnight journey, the last bus leaves at 9 pm. The bus will reach Manali in the morning at around 10 am. There are 2 options…

Pangong lake

Every year me and my friends plan a trip to Northern parts of India, we try to explore a new place every time and this time we decided to go to Ladakh — The land of high passes. And it turned out way better than I imagined it to be, It was mystical place. Infinite snow capped mountains, treacherous ghats, beautiful monasteries, dramatic landscapes, sub zero temperatures, starry nights, mighty rivers, lakes so blue as if someone has painted them, amazing people. Where else can you get all these things at once? Its truly a heaven on earth.

Mayank Dhanawade

Developer, travel blogger, wildlife and landscape photographer

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